Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes 22% Carbamide Peroxide, 10 Tooth Bleaching Gel 3ml Syringes

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  • Dental Whitening Gel Syringes in 22% Carbamide Peroxide strength, the same professional formula that dentists prescribe to their clients. Qty 10 Whitening Gel 22% Syringes 3ml each.

  • Recommended by dentists for removal of stubborn stains from tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, yellowing from aging, foods and more!

  • Easy DIY procedure for consistent whitening results in the privacy and convenience of your home. Complete instructions included.

  • 100% Made in the USA. Professional strength whitening gel and medical grade dispensers.

  • Fast, safe, effective whitening without an expensive trip to the dentist. Guaranteed Results.

This standard professional whitening package includes 10 whitening gel 3ml syringes in 22% Carbamide Peroxide. High viscosity gel provides maximum adhesion to tooth surfaces. Complete instructions included. What is Carbamide Peroxide? Carbamide Peroxide is the primary active ingredient or bleaching agent in the professional whitening gel. It is essentially a variation of Hydrogen Peroxide developed especially for dental whitening. The specially formulated gel provides the chemical reaction required to safely remove stubborn stains due to tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea, foods, yellowing from age and more. High quality USA made 22% whitening gel is developed for fast whitening action and long lasting results. The unique formula is pH balanced with high adhesion qualities designed to stay on tooth surface. The convenient at-home procedure is essentially what a dentist would prescribe. The difference is the cost. Get the radiant smile you desire without an expensive trip to the dentist. Results are long lasting and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Bleach Pro Whitening

52 Reviews

  • Posted by Ash on Oct 7th 2020


    Five Stars

    Great Product!

  • Posted by Aimee on Oct 5th 2020


    Five Stars

    Works very well

  • Posted by sandy on Oct 4th 2020


    Works great, and won't kill your gums!

    This 22% percent works great on my teeth! I use it with plastic molded guards made by a dentist to whiten my teeth.I do have stronger Carbamide, and it will kill your gums and make them burn. This 22% is about the highest Ican go, and it works great!! Do wipe it off your gums when whitening your teeth.

  • Posted by Michael A on Oct 2nd 2020


    Great Whitener

    This is our third order of this whitening gel. We got our trays from our dentist and used to buy our gel there, too. This is the same level of peroxide and less expensive.

  • Posted by Brittany Noon on Oct 1st 2020




  • Posted by apeng on Oct 1st 2020


    Product works great. Just need higher % of gel.

    There is nothing wrong with this product. I need stronger whitening. A higher %. It whitens too slow for me.

  • Posted by Marcella Sanders on Sep 30th 2020


    White Teeth

    I like this stuff. It works great and does not burn...

  • Posted by Antonio on Sep 30th 2020


    Gets it done


  • Posted by C. Wilson on Sep 29th 2020


    Product good, syringe bad.

    Ordered this because a little cheaper than the "zoom" or "nightwhite". I'll go back to those brands when finished due to the way the gel comes out. PLOP. The opening is round, not pointed. You can't control it so you waste - using too much. Other than this point, it's exactly the same as other brands.