SOVA Aero Night Guard Custom-Fit Night-Time Dental Mouth Guard with Case

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  • SOVA Night Guard mouth guard provides protection against nighttime teeth grinding and teeth clenching, jaw pain, and bruxism caused by TMJ

  • At just 1.6mm thick, the ultralight dental guard is free of toxins, and comes with a ventilated carrying case

  • Diffusix technology's engineered shape and perforations absorb impact and withstand extreme chewing, providing relief from headaches, damaged teeth, and jaw pain

  • Customizable and remoldable to ensure perfect fit and comfort for adults, without a visit to the dentist

  • Odor and taste-free guard promotes airflow, making it possible to breath and drink while wearing; cleans easily with soap/water or toothpaste/toothbrush

  • Color : White

  • Size : One Size

The SOVA Aero Night Guard Custom-Fit Dental Mouth Guard provides protection against teeth grinding and oral health issuessuch as teeth grinding and clenching, and bruxism caused by TMJthat can lead to headaches, damaged teeth and jaw pain. Made to withstand extreme chewing and grinding, the 1.6mm thick, ultralight SOVA guard is tougher than basic night guards, thanks to non-compressible, non-toxic materials that distribute force over the entire perforated surface of the mouth guard. One-of-a-kind Diffusix technology dissipates grinding forces, protecting against issues that can cause and perpetuate jaw pain, ensuring a better nights sleep. The optimized design and perforation pattern promotes the natural flow of air and saliva, making it possible to breathe and drink easily while wearing the ultra-thin, odor and taste-free night guard. Customizable and remoldable up to 20 times, its easy to achieve the perfect fit without a costly trip to the dentist. The mouth guard is even compatible with braces, but a dental professional must be consulted for proper fitting. The SOVA Night Guard comes with a ventilated carrying case, and is easy to clean using soap and water and/or toothpaste and a toothbrush. Made in the USA.

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