BRIOTECH Topical Skin Spray, Pure HOCl, Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare, Saline Salt Cleansing Solution, Natural Saline Toner, Hypochlorous Acid Facial Mist, Skin Care Relief for Bumps Scars & Blemishes

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  • SIMPLE & PROVEN Contains only 2 natural ingredients — Pure HOCl + Electrolyzed Saline Salt Water
  • HYPOCHLOROUS ACID The secret sauce and original in self care! HOCl is highly versatile and made naturally by humans and mammals during the healing process to support against invaders, irritations, and inflammation.
  • AFTERCARE EXCELLENCE  Total body cleaning spray safe for all skin contact including face, nose, and ear piercings, and body art. Wash keloid bump scars and blemishes for fast relief. Use in combo with a moisturizer for clean natural tattoo aftercare.
  • COSMETIC MIST Hydrating and organic facial spray toner with anti aging properties. Soothe and refine sensitive pores for all skin types. For a healthy glow, use as a first step in your skin care or makeup regiment before moisturizer as the cornerstone in your beauty routine.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY Briotech is the most trusted name in HOCl with more than a decade of experience and scientific research. This solution is free of additives, alcohol, oil, and contaminants, and is specially formulated to work in synergy with the body's natural system.

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22 Reviews

  • Posted by Daniel on Oct 8th 2020


    Nice feeling on the skin

    I bought this because I saw it on Elayne Angel's website, and I highly respect her. Upon the first use, it felt very soothing. Helped with the itching almost immediately. Will update as time goes on.

  • Posted by more on Oct 8th 2020


    Wow! Amazing product!

    This product is amazing! I had an Internal lower eyelid stye and after being prescribed antibiotic drops and seeing how I was not getting any better I decided to use this spray in my eye. I had a friend recommend it and I must say “WOW!”. Literally the next morning I saw a huge improvement. Do yourself a favor and buy this product! You won’t regret it!

  • Posted by Bernice Harte on Oct 8th 2020


    No smell - it's a great satinitizer!

    Before buying this product I did extensive research and decided to try it out. I don't use it exclusively during pandemic, only for things like gloves, goggles and mask I don't feel like washing after a brief shopping trip. For longer trips in public places I use hot water and soap to sanitize. When the bottle's done I plan to make my own solution with Force of Nature starter kit ($70). Check it out - anyone can make their own and save tons. Grateful for the sampling of the solution with this product. Well priced, good buy.

  • Posted by DangerZone on Oct 2nd 2020


    It worked!

    I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend when I was having a recurring issue with a 30 year old piercing gun ear ring hole. I was skeptical but omg it helped so much. I now spray my piercings regularly in the hopes that it will proactively keep the irritation from occurring again.

  • Posted by MC on Oct 1st 2020


    Exciting results

    I have only used this product two days and already see an improvement in my skin.

  • Posted by bobby on Sep 29th 2020



    I'm very excited about this product and it's versatility. So amazing!

  • Posted by Jesse v on Sep 28th 2020


    Internal use.

    Can it be taken internally.

  • Posted by Junhee Cho on Sep 27th 2020


    miracle solution

    my body will NOT accept piercings. I went to a new body mod shop begging for help to heal piercings I've had for years that would not behave. I was very skeptical of the stuff - I had tried everything and this guy was trying to sell me some expensive hippie fluid? whatever, I tried it cuz he swore by it. this magical solution worked immediately and now I use it topically for any skin issue, buying bulk. thank you briotech T_T

  • Posted by melchorsolis on Sep 23rd 2020



    I just got this stuff in the mail today. Been having a bump on my nose for about a month. The bump is already so much smaller!!